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Eleven years ago, I lost the love of my life and my best friend. His death was so sudden. I was so grief stricken. We were together for two amazing, fun filled years. We did everything together and had such a wonderful life.

I had searched my whole life and found the man that made my heart sing... My grieving pain was unbearable. It hurt to breath. The thought of going 24 hours a day without him was unthinkable. I literally had to break my day down into increments of 15 minutes. I would convince myself I could survive 15 minutes at a time.

Additionally, during this time of grieving, the recession occurred. Now, I was dealing with the loss of my best friend and I was working in real estate. The market crashed and so did my income. As months went by, my savings dwindled. The home where we had been married was foreclosed on.


The Healing Hut


Why Reiki?

Reiki is great for letting go of emotional and physical pain. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

What can You expect from a session:Along with the energy healing session we do a meditation and I use Sage to cleanse any negative energy you may have.I check to see if your chakras are opened and if they are blocked ,I open them during our session.I also use the singing bowl during our session. I charge 60.00 per session. 

I felt so lost. I heard about Reiki and thought I would try it out. After my first session my healing began. After each subsequent session, I would feel a little better. I learned how to do reiki on myself and others about 10 years ago. During each session pain and grief would lessen.


I remember one day while at home in the kitchen, I was singing and began to cry. I felt joy for the first time in years. I know it was because of my reiki sessions, journaling and self-help books. I also enrolled in a course to be a Law of Attraction Life Coach. All those things transformed my life and it all began with Reiki.

For this reason, I started Healing Hearts Sanctuary. I wanted to provide a place for people to come and meditate before their sessions and just to be able to talk about what is going on in their day. Then to have their healing session.


If you have any questions about my practice, please feel free to call or email me.

May your life be filled with Peace and Love and Joy!





"Cindy has had a profound affect on my body and soul after only a few sessions. I have been dealing with lingering digestion issues after cervical cancer surgery five years ago. She truly has the healing gift, along with being a kind, joyful and beautiful spirit. I left her sessions with the most euphoric and peaceful feelings. For the first time in five years the message is loud and clear from Cindy on things I need to do to keep my physical and spiritual well being in check. Thank you to a wonderful lady who has the sweetest way of saying, :have a beautiful Day", that makes your heart sing. I would highly recommend her healing touch to all those in need."

— Linda M.
Rancho Mirage, CA

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