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Healing Hearts Sanctuary

Energy Healing, Akashic Reading & Meditations

Welcome to Healing Hearts Sanctuary

I am so happy you stopped by for a visit.

I started Healing Heart Sanctuary originally for those who are grieving. For myself personally, I had lost the love of my life suddenly thru death. What started my healing for myself personally was reiki. So, I wanted to help others with their grief.

I have to say that things have continued to evolve with my business. My sessions are an asset for all groups of people. 

What to expect when you have a session? We call in the The Archangels in the 4 corners and 2 Archangels above and below. So, it becomes a beautiful, safe, and sacred space.

I use Sage and palo santo. I use my sound bowl and drum along with energy healing. I check to see if any of your chakras need to be opened. I have a large medicine wheel that is used at times during your session.

I also offer Akashic Clearings and Readings. It is a soul Realignment. Which means that anything that is not for your highest and best is cleared.

Many Clients have found that doing both sessions have helped to raise their vibration and have more clarity in the direction they want to go in life.

We have over an acre of land in the mountains. It is a wonderful place to sit and meditate and watch nature. Check out our events we will be having.

If you have any questions, I would love to talk to you.  May all your days be blessed with love. Thank you for stopping by. 

The Healing Hut

Why Reiki?

Reiki is great for letting go of emotional and physical pain. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

What can You expect from a session: Along with the energy healing session we do a meditation and I use Sage to cleanse any negative energy you may have. I check to see if your chakras are opened and if they are blocked ,I open them during our session. I also use the singing bowl during our session.


I charge $75 per hour for a Reiki Energy Healing  session and $125 for a Akashic Clearings.

healing hut


The first conversation I had with Cindy, I felt a deep connection. I was so excites to hear her wisdom and get an appointment for a clearing and reading. The hour she told me the clearing would take place, I felt giddy and made jokes with my fiancé about what I should be doing. Then, I felt a powerful opening in my crown Chakra. I could feel Cindy's presence in the room and it was amazing. I felt relief, calm, positive, and unconditional love captivating my being. She texted me when it was over and I was left with the feeling that the world had been taken off my shoulders. Our appointment for the reading/phone call took place a week after. During that week, I struggled with uncomfortable feelings because the bad habits that used to fill the void and dark energy attached to me was gone and I had to get rid of the habits to continue to heal. My phone call with Cindy was the beginning of an awakening in me I had been waiting for. She told me how old my soul was, how many spirits and guides I have to help guide me, what entities were cleared and the programs they were running in me, and so much more. The powerful part was learning about the lossage of a percentage of my soul facets from a traumatic past life event. Everything she said resonated with me. It felt like I knew all of what she said, as she said it, as if it were absolte divine truth. I did the homework to continue to heal and gain my soul facets back. I have never felt more fulfilled in my life and validated in my spiritual research and journey. I now am able to clear myself, talk to the Creator, and continue to heal, but I still get "tune-ups" with Cindy for good measure. Thank you♡

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